Summer 2012

Casimiro Nhussi is a percussionist, dancer and choreographer originally from Mozambique. He now lives in Winnipeg, and has begun a special album project at Wonder Dog Recording. With co-producer Rod Hussey Casimiro is recording a series of pieces integrating his African musical heritage with styles and players from around the globe. I’m thrilled to be part of this record, especially when he unpacks all the beautiful but unpronounceable (to me) hand-made percussion instruments and I have to figure out where the mic goes!

Any music fan from this part of the world knows about Jaxon Haldane. As a musician (with The D Rangers) and producer he’s been a big part of the musical landscape for many years. So now he’s up and skedaddled for the southern States, hopefully soon to return. But before he left he dropped by Wonder Dog Recording for a pleasin’ week of tracking with his latest project The Jaxon 3. The repertoire was split between Jaxon’s hurtin’ tunes and some fine selections from the great Willy P Bennett songbook. Drumming by Chris Bauer, bass by Tom Fodey. Oh the fun we had!

Wee Be Jammin’ is a music project headed by children’s entertainer and educator Sonja Rasmussen. She recorded the song “Wake Up!” at Wonder Dog Recording for a combined audio CD storybook, to be published this fall.

Work has been proceeding on the latest album from Equal Loudness Curve. Definitely on the louder end of the spectrum. After tracking drums at Private Ear Recording, the overdubs have been recorded here over the past couple months. Loud guitars, loud bass, loud Hammond organ, loud vocals. We’re now at the mixing stage. Head guy Trevor Millar plans to have the record out early next year, and hopes to melt your face with some live shows at that time.

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